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Waterproof Pedometer

The problem with most of the pedometers that you can currently buy is that they stop working as soon as they hit water.  Even if you drip sweat on them most will go instantly blank.  Having tried many methods to accurately measure distance during a race I still find the pedometer to be the most reliable as long as its kept bone dry.   Given that adventure racing normally involves a fair amount of water and sweat I had to develop a waterproof pedometer that would withstand the rigors of the sport.   Race tested and accurate Adventure Racing Navigation Supplies now has a waterproof pedometer that works for the adventure racer.  This new navigation tool development could transform navigation in the same way the altimeter did a few years back.

The pedometer works by counting steps and then calculating distance etc based on your stride length.  The display shows increments of 1 meter or 100th of a mile depending on the setting. 

Other features include time, steps, calories, time of day.  The clear, top mounted display allows easy reading when attached to the shoulder or hip strap of your pack.

Waterproof Pedometer Review from Racing With Giants

Waterproof Pedometer Instructions

"The AR Nav waterproof pedometer is a highly effective aid to navigation. When used without any type of mental adjustments, the pedometer produces results that are good enough for most navigation purposes. With minor mental adjustments, the pedometer can take distance estimation to the next level."

Waterproof Pedometer