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Rotating Map Holder

The Rotating Map Holder available from AR Navigation Supplies, features a lightweight design with a quick release mounting bracket designed to fit all standard bike handlebar setups including most riser bars.  The map holder comes in two sizes, the 9" x 9" is perfect for sprint events and 24 hour races. The 11" x 11" is great for the longer expedition events that have larger maps

The design is strong enough to withstand the rigors of any adventure race or bicycle orienteering event.  The solid construction will not flex or flap on rough roads and will hold flexible map covers or just the map itself while still allowing for other equipment such as lights and computers to be mounted on the handlebars.

It is positioned for easy reading and makes bike navigation simple by allowing you to turn the map to match the terrain without having to turn the bike.  The design has been proven in many races and successfully used by racers all over the World.

"Finally, an excellent holder at an affordable price. For Bike-O, AR or touring.  Features rotating plate.  Height adjusts for raised handle bars. All non-magnetic. Bungee cords hold map in place. " Joe Scarborough, Orienteer.com

The MBO-2 features a strong quick release bracket that allows easy removal and positioning.  The height adjustment is
made with a simple Allen key bolt allowing easy adjustment for different handlebars.

Size: Standard 9" x 9" -  Expedition 11" x 11"
Weight: Standard Approx 8oz -  Expedition 12oz
Map Attachment: Bungie Cord
Map Case:  Any Type
Clamp: Rev 2 Quick Release for handlebar diameters from 18mm (0.70”) to 38mm (1.25”)
Height: Adjustable 3 Positions

Standard 9" x 9" Standard 9" x 9"Expedition 11" x 11" Expedition 11" x 11"

Rotating Map Holder Rotating Map Holder Installation Instructions Original MBO-2/MBO-3

Rotating Map Holder Rotating Map Holder Installation Instructions Rev 2 MBO-2/MBO-3

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Rotating Map Holder FAQ's

1.  What size map case can be used with the Rotating Map Holder?
The AR Navigation Supplies Rotating Map Holder was designed to be used with any
size map case.  We would rather use a large map case and fold it to fit under the
bungee cords than have to take the map out of a smaller case and re fold it to view new

2.  Can I place just the paper map on the Rotating Map Holder?
The Rotating Map Holder was designed to allow just the map to be placed on the map
board.  If the bungee cords are not tight enough to securely hold the map in place, you
can put a twist or two into the bungee cords under the map board to tighten them.  We
always prefer to protect the map with a map case though.

3.  The quick release clamp is not staying closed, what am I doing wrong?
The quick release lever must close across the opening of the bracket.  If the lever is
closing along the rounded side of the bracket it will not stay closed.  Turn the release
lever through 80 degrees and close it across the opening of the bracket as shown in
the images.  This will ensure that it remains tightly closed.

4.  Can a compass be added to the Rotating Map Holder?
The Rotating Map Holder has been developed with non magnetic parts.  We normally
place a small compass inside the map case that is attached to the Rotating Map Holder
to allow easy viewing.

5.  What spare parts are available for the Rotating Map Holder?
Most of the parts for the Rotating Map Holder are available from the local hardware
store.  If spare parts are needed please contact us as we have everything available.